Team TDI

TeamTDI is a community of ALS patients, their families and communities dedicated to funding research at ALS TDI. The TeamTDI program brings together ALS patients and friends who have chosen to join forces with ALS TDI to find effective treatments for ALS patients today.

Faced with this devastating disease, many families and friends of ALS patients take positive action by raising money to fund ALS TDI research. Please take the time to read some of their stories. Each family's approach to teaming with ALS TDI is unique. We are happy to help you advance any new ideas for funding the research.

Please continue to check back for new features. If you have questions about the new TeamTDI program, please e-mail or call (617) 441-7200.

RIGHT: ALS Patients, their families and networks have organized more than 100 events so far in 2009! No effort is too small and we will work with anyone that wants to support ALS research at ALS TDI through a fundraising activity. Click here to download a PDF with recaps and pictures for events so far. Thanks for supporting ALS TDI!

TeamTDI Staff

 Team TDI Staff will help advance you idea to fund ALS (Lou Gehrig) disease