TDP-43 Mouse Model: What have we learned?

Webinar on The TDP-43 Mouse Model - August 15 @ 1PM

Featuring:Robert Baloh, Ph.D. (Washington University in St. Louis) andFernando G. Vieira, M.D. (ALSTDI)

Over the last couple ofyears, a growing body of work has suggested that a genetic mutation leads tothe mislocalization of TDP-43 outside of the nucleus of cells. Someresearch has linked this mutant protein activity to both familial as well assporadic ALS. Our Institute has partnered with Dr. Baloh to develop amodel of TDP-43 that could be used as a tool to screen potential therapeuticssimilar to the way that we developed and use the standard model of ALS; theSOD1 mouse. This 90 minute webinar will provide an inside look into whatTDP-43 is, why it is important, how this collaboration came about, howtheexperiment was designed, and where the team is in determining thephenotype of this mouse.

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