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We believe that ALS is a crisis - one that deserves an urgent response. Since 1999 we have raised more than $70 million to fund our search for effective treatments, and several are nearing clinical trials. But there won't be a single "silver bullet drug"; we will need many to combat the complexity of the disease, which requires many times the amount that we have already raised. Every gift will make a difference in how fast we can get there. There are many reasons to give:

Why Give to ALS TDI?


We have rigorously tested more potential therapeutics for ALS than the rest of the ALS research world combined.

Efficient named us among the most efficient ALS research organizations in the U.S.


Our commitment to transparency and collaboration make us unique in both the nonprofit AND biotechnology fields.

What We Spend It On

Who Supports Us?

Individuals, families, friends, and corporations fund therapy development at ALS TDI.


"My family and I have put together an annual golf tournament to fund research to stop ALS.  We witnessed first hand what this disease can do and we want to help find a cure!" -- B.J. Martinelli (Charlotte, NC)

"We have seen over 20 family members lost to this disease so we partner with TDI because we believe that their research focus will put an end to our kids losing moms, dads, aunts and uncles before their time." -- The Payne & Becker Family (Amboy, IL)